La Luna e i Falò

Cesare Pavese. L'infanzia, il paesaggio, il ritorno




 Museo Fondazione Cesare Pavese

 Piazza Confraternita, 1

 12058  Santo Stefano Belbo - Piemonte, Italy



Hills, rows, farmsteads: Pavese's tormented writing* stands out against the images of an ancestral landscape. The silent light of the moon illuminates him; the bonfire heats him with its crackling flames. The photographic sequence proposes a symbolic path through the places in Pavia where his intense and dramatic story is embodied and unfolds, which finds in "The moon and the bonfires" the most complete and emblematic expression.


When Anguilla, the author's alter ego, returns, the landscape becomes the centre of the world again. A universe-world from which all the stories unfold. The happy ones and the sad ones. The nostalgia for the origins is intertwined with the search for the sacred that pervades nature, while the myth of the eternal return is embodied in ancient rituals that mark the seasons. Sowing, pruning and harvesting follow one another identically through the years, intertwining lives and generations. Around the festival continues with music and dancing, while the dark shadows of history loom in the background. He, the author, creates and recreates, forgives and asks forgiveness.


*All the autograph texts and images are photographic shots taken by the author in Santo Stefano Belbo, at the house where Cesare Pavese was born and at the Pavese Foundation