Carta Cotone Canson Infinity Rag Photographique 310

First of all it’s Varese Ligure: automatic high art. But then the concept is fantastic. High Noon is what photographers tend to shy away from. The most difficult time of day to make good pictures. So why not just make it the calling, the series, instead! Brilliant. And then just realize it all so beautifully. Congratulations. Hard shadows for life! Inspiration for usall.


Robert Sherman*


*Robert Sherman, born in Chicago, but now based in New York City, is both a photographer and a musician and composer. He developed a pure passion for the art of photography


La luminosa solitudine degli archi intona una melodia capricciosa punteggiata di nitore assoluto e oscurità profonde. La scena è dominata da un minimalismo cromatico che purifica l'immagine,  eradicando particolari e dettagli, talora recuperati in modalità straniante. Inevitabile l'esito metafisico, laddove la circolarità del borgo e degli archi diviene la cifra di uno sguardo meridiano assetato di verità. Lo scavo interiore gronda di interrogativi senza responso, in una dolente ricerca di se stessi.

The luminous solitude of the strings sings a whimsical melody dotted with absolute clarity and deep darkness. The scene is dominated by a chromatic minimalism that purifies the image, eradicating details and details, sometimes recovered in an alienating way. The metaphysical outcome is unavoidable, where the circularity of the village and the arches becomes the figure of a meridian gaze thirsty for truth. The interior excavation eavesdrops with unanswered questions, in a painful search for oneself.